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The importance of having a vision.

Whether you are looking to start a business, change careers or even find your ideal partner, the first step to achieving your goals is to have a vision.

A vision is the image, the representation of what you want to achieve and/or live.

However, before we can conceptualise a vision we need to start by asking ourselves about « Why ». In order for a vision to be inspiring and motivate your actions, it must inevitably be meaningful to you.

What is behind the Why?

The Why of your vision is what makes it important that you achieve it. What would it mean to you to bring this vision to life? What if it does not come to fruition?

I chose for example to create Boost Coaching Practice because I wanted a more fulfilling, free and impactful life.

The Why is attached to the emotional aspect of your vision. Emotions precede reason; we are first emotionally triggered before our justifications and action plans come in. In other words, our emotions will inspire our actions.

Expressing your values through your vision.

To work on your Why you may reflect on your core values or your business' values. Ensuring that your actions stay true to your values is ensuring that you are being true to yourself. It then seems obvious that your vision should be in line with your values, right?

The vision is based on the mission.

In a business, the vision is supported by the mission. The mission of Boost Coaching Practice is to help you align what you do with who you are so that you can find your place and awaken your inner power. Far too many of us are trapped in self inflicted barriers and that is why Boost exists today.

After the Why comes the How?

When we create a vision, we create an image in our brain which then becomes a possibility. Our brain does not make any difference between imagination and reality, which means that the creation of this image in our mind has potentially as much power as its reality.

To nourish this image we can use different techniques such as visualisation, vision boards, meditation, journalling...

Through these techniques we continue clarifying our vision and thus allow it to become more and more precise and real.

Although these tools and techniques are powerful, they must, in my opinion, be supported by some work on self worth. We can hang a beautiful vision board on the wall of our room but if deep down we don't feel legitimate to manifest our vision, we will of course hinder its realisation.

My vision

My vision for Boost Coaching Practice is to create a community that inspires self-realization, a community that gives wings and frees you from the weights you carry in your daily life. It also includes an inspiring place to welcome you and guide you through becoming the leader of your life and career by connecting to your deepest authenticity through a holistic approach.

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