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Private Coaching 
from 2 to 6 months

to create YOUR authentic success

It's time to dream bigger!


You are ambitious, dreaming of peace, purpose, connection.

You feel overwhelmed, lonely, lost, stuck.

You need clarity.

Let's see...


You want to UpLevel! 


You want to feel accomplished, financially independent, free, serene, inspired. 

Live a meaningful life, travel, embody abundance. 

Surround yourself with deep and sincere connections...


Purpose. Freedom. Results. Balance. Impact. 


Yes, but...

On paper, you seem to have ticked all the boxes. 

A good student with a sharp mind, you've lived up to your ambition by landing a respectable job that allows you to live comfortably. 

A partner, a house, a dog...


But it never feels like it’s enough…


Having high expectations of yourself; perfectionism, anxiety and racing thoughts have become commonplace.


The results you get only provide temporary pleasure - maybe a promotion, a career change, uplevelling would fill the gap? 

You are a fighter and work doesn't scare you, but you ride waves of emotion that can even engulf you. 


Do I really belong? What is the meaning behind it all? What is wrong with me?


And these questions in your head that never stop... It's exhausting! 


A walk in the forest to enjoy the silence and calm down the inner bubbling, you'll start racing again tomorrow...


You seek refuge through your relationships which can sometimes be complicated - "You think too much", "you're too sensitive", "you take on too much", "you're too demanding"... but you can rely on your independence to have your back.


How long will I last like this? Is there no other way?

Frustrated - overwhelmed - unfocused - scared.


The next step doesn't seem to be in sight and you don't know where to start. 


You lack confidence, clarity, tools.

holistic healing.png

Does this sound painfully familiar?

Don't worry, I know these feelings all too well, simply because I've been in your shoes. For me, combining ambition and serenity was a utopia and despite my apparent success, my batteries were always flat.

I experienced depression, chronic anxiety, felt trapped by my perfectionism, victim of my mood swings and the complexity of my intellect. 

Always the top performer, I continued to climb the ladder in large international companies in London - surely the next promotion would fill the gap. 

I felt like I was fighting a constant battle, I came home exhausted, and I silenced that little voice in my head that wanted to dream bigger. 

I felt alone, misunderstood, different...until the day I chose ME. 

I then created MY authentic success; more meaning, more money, more time, a life and career that are based on my functioning (HSP, INFJ -T...) and allows me to be free, to take care of myself and my loved ones without feeling overwhelmed. 


But how do I find my place? Where to start? What needs to change?

➜ Ben multiplied his salary by 7 as an entrepreneur after 4 coaching sessions by reducing his working hours and increasing his well-being.

Imagine If you could


the source of these feelings, how you function...


know exactly where to focus your energies to be effective and inspired without feeling overwhelmed


life mission, purpose,

your tribe


those wounds that still weigh you down and slow you down


Rely on energies that nourish you


an inspiring and sustainable plan


take back your own power to ask for MORE

A 6 months coaching programme to create YOUR authentic success


See, when you feel like you're swimming against the tide, like you're a prisoner of your own thoughts - that's your alarm bell. Your soul is begging you to take your power back and become a creator. 


When energetic blocks, limiting beliefs, repressed emotions, traumas accumulate in your bodies, they first lock you into HYPERACTIVITY. You start doing TOO much, you think TOO much, your focus is dispersed and you continue to force your way through life before plunging into INACTION


The more your body frequency drops, the more the evils (physical, emotional, psychological...) become numerous.

As you take back your power by opening a field of possibilities, you find your balance. You are then able to give and receive, your relationships become magnetic, deep. You embrace your functioning and your environment returns the favour!


Action becomes more important than possession; no more procrastination, perfectionism and fear of failure holding you back. You face your fears, and then allow yourself to access abundance - more money, more time, more peace of mind.


You spend less time DOING and more time BEING.


levels of consciousness.jpeg

Purpose. Freedom. Results. Balance. Impact. 


You may have recognised here the evolution along our main chakras, starting from the root chakra, which is linked to our basic needs and security, to the crown chakra, which connects us to the divine, to self-actualization. 

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Now, how do you get to the top of the pyramid where you welcome extraordinary results?

You are not just a body, a mind, a soul... you are WHOLE.



- A lack of self-confidence can lead to an unfulfilling career which can lead to chronic fatigue which can lead to relationship problems.


- Anxiety can lead to chronic headaches which can affect your involvement in your career and your ability to be fulfilled...


You can't treat a symptom without understanding its cause and impact. 


This is why, as an Accredited Coach and Reiki Master, I accompany you through a holistic approach in order to work on the physical, psychic and spiritual levels towards the achievement of YOUR authentic success.

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Why working with me?

Hey, lovely to have you here !


I'm Margot Pauvers, an ICF Certified Coach, a PSYCH-K® facilitator and Reiki Master.


During my studies and career, which have been marked by my passion for linguistics and human relations, communication and listening skills have always been at the core of my work. I understood very early on the power of words, energies and emotions. 

I left a small village in the South of France where I grew up surrounded by nature and healers to move to London where I held various positions in teaching, the fashion industry, and in IT research and consulting. 

Absorbed by the intensity of corporate environments for 7 years, I learned a lot about myself.


Constantly pushing for the top, I nurtured the desire to surpass myself, to inspire and help those who want to do so to achieve their potential.

Despite these accomplishments, I have seen many dysfunctions in today's companies or even in our western societies. We have become logical beings however, the optimization of our potential lies in the alignment of our ideas, energies, emotions, values and beliefs. 

Upon realizing this opportunity, I pursued my learnings with an ICF accredited diploma in professional coaching at Full Circle Global and naturally inserted my knowledge as a Reiki Master to my coaching programmes.

To find your balance between ambition and wellbeing, without sacrificing either one.

12 coaching sessions


Self awareness, listening to self and self-improvement.


Recognition of strengths and opportunities for growth.

Clarity, focus, motivation.
Saving time, learning tools and new skills.
Creating new perspectives.


Developing creativity.

Being in tune with self, aligned.
Connection to deepest authenticity.

4 Reiki sessions


Harmonises and revitalises the body.

Eliminates toxins, purifies and strengthens the organs.

Strengthens the immune system.

Relieves pain and promotes self-healing.


Brings serenity, calm and deep relaxation.

Releases emotional blockages stored in cellular memories.

 Clarity of mind and better concentration.

Increases self-awareness and self-esteem.


Centering, anchoring, alignment.

Alleviates past trauma.

Enhances intuition.

Develops awareness and spiritual connection.

bespoke meditations and activities to support breakthroughs

Each activity is designed to help you unblock subconscious beliefs, deepens your self awareness and connection to authentic self.

They challenge your perspectives and support you in creating new empowering neural pathways.

They will encourage flow states, awaken your creativity and calm your nervous system while making space for extraordinary outcomes.

Personalised yoga support


Improves flexibility and tone.
Strengthens the joints.
Relieves body aches.
Helps breathing better.


Improves concentration and memory.

Reconnects to the present moment.

Improves self-confidence
Reduces stress


Alleviates past trauma.

Develops self awareness.

Deepens intuition and connection to authentic self.

Meet Your Yoga Teacher

2 readings

Gives clearer insight of past, present, and future events in your life.

Deepens your intuition and self awareness.

Tool for self-reflection and understanding.

Helps identifying blockages and possible trajectories based on your current energy and feelings.

high-touch support

via Slack

[within office hours]

As your coach, I’ll be there every steps of the way to hear your concerns and challenges without judgement.


I will help you make effective choices, identify your strengths, work in your purpose while looking for areas where you may be holding yourself back so we can stretch you out of your comfort zone. 

I am trained to bring out the best in you and I truly want you to succeed.

Discover cal

➜ Audrey has awakened the confidence to launch her own business, disarmed her negative self-talk, released signs of imposter syndrome and started to understand and embrace her own gifts and abilities after her first Reiki session.

I'm so grateful for your sharing, your caring and your gentleness because I quickly felt good and confident with you. 

You touched on so many aspects of my life and I'm thinking "Aaaah but that's whyyyy, I was unbalanced on that level!!!" And it all connects in the end! 

You taught me that I have a lot to offer and especially to offer myself, you just have to trust yourself and the Universe and it will offer possibilities that will exceed my expectations!

You managed to disarm my little (bitchy) inner voice by making me understand that I am capable of so much, I just need to give myself the means and the permission! 


Thank you for all your advice that I will keep preciously and I would not be against taking you back for a session later on, outside of the training, either as a pro or as a person. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! "

- Audrey, France

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