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Learning to dance in the midst of uncertainty

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

These days I learn to slow down again; I listen to the birds singing, I caress the beauty of the flowers, I lie down under the immensity of the sky...

And according to the Indian philosophies that resonate through the words of Gislaine Duboc, I repeat to myself: "Mankind has nothing to do with it."

They remind us that through our endless battles, we keep claiming our power so as not to end up as losers. In a society where everything is segmented, we cannot afford to fall into the category of those who have failed, so we keep fighting. We determine what is beautiful, what is ugly...

It's ironic that we think we determine what is to be when we spend our lives fearing what might happen.

We lull ourselves into an illusion of control, of mastery, because what we know gives us a sense of power.

If I've been down this road before, I've already been 'validated'. Taking it again can only make me better.

However, embarking on a new route generates more apprehension because I am vulnerable to the unknown.

However, if I have confidence in my driving skills, I will go ahead anyway.

This is where our power lies - in our ability to dance with uncertainty!

We focus on creating stillness, the predictable, because we are afraid of what uncertainty might transform in us or around us.

In order for our inner world to be at peace, we try to make our outer world conform to what we want.

The outer world, however, continues to move and depends only on my perception of my inner world.

This bud hatched this morning and I had nothing to do with it. But I chose to marvel at its unfolded petals.

By being afraid of losing what I have, what I love, I move away from risk and surprise to nourish the idea of my omnipotence. Life does not stop for all that; while I secure myself in what I know, deep down I never stop fearing it.

Deep down I fear Life because I know that it will inevitably take what I have and separate me from what I love. I don't trust it as I don't trust my ability to transform myself with it.

In trying to control it, this is how I surrender my power to it. I strive to hold it to the same note as it invites me to dance in its inevitable uncertainty.

I strain to fight it knowing that I am part of it and it is part of me. Its music transforms me every moment and it is in my ability to dance with it that I embody our power.

Dare to dance your life because Life is that flower that blooms, it is the air you breathe... Life is you.

When you are afraid of what could happen tomorrow, when you feel your powerlessness, go and observe Life that hasn't been touched by the hand of Man and repeat to yourself that Mankind has nothing to do with it. Fill your lungs with the air that is indispensable to you and remember that Mankind has nothing to do with it. Take the time to tame a universe bigger than the one built by mankind.

Recommended reading: Les 4 voies chamaniques, Gislaine Duboc

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