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The future of our managers and leaders.

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Tired of the consequences of covid19 and overwhelmed by isolation, like everyone else, our leaders and managers have been severely challenged during the pandemic.

In the face of this continuing ​uncertainty, they have had and continue to have to demonstrate resilience, empathy, and charisma.

The well-being of their team members is ​paramount, but we sometimes forget that they too suffer their own anxieties and can​ feel alone in challenges they encounter.

Performance is declining, the amount of work increases while the number of staff decreases, communication and collaboration need to be maintained remotely along with employee engagement and the ​ongoing​ development of each team member.

To ensure a prosperous climate for growth and innovation, the focus must be on purposeful work, which​ requires intrinsic motivation and talent development.

Indeed, if an employee knows and believes in the "why" behind each of their actions, their contribution and well-being will only be multiplied tenfold.

Channeling ​everyone's desire to have an impact at their own level is the essential ingredient for an emotional connection between the company's mission and those who bring it to life.

It is important to be able to identify the talents of each member of the team to unleash their expertise so that everyone finds their place, grows and can be recognised through their individual contribution. Each expert can then be invited to share their knowledge for a dynamic collaboration but also to promote knowledge sharing and​ avoid knowledge loss after a possible departure.

As everyone moves towards a common vision in the company, our managers and leaders become development facilitators and talent managers to make it possible.

The theory has many merits​, but in practice, what c​an​ prevents them from ​doing so?

As my introduction made clear, the pressure that our leaders and managers face is a constant source of stress.

The culture of results and competition​ hinders collaboration and​ concern for well-being and engagement. High results within ever tighter deadlines give way to​ fear of failure - ultimately ​leading​ to micromanagement, excess of authority, sometimes even falsification of results, not to mention the impact on the wellbeing of the leader/manager themselves.

Through coaching, I​ ​work with leaders and managers to establish a balance by developing self awareness, self-confidence, emotional intelligence and to channel their energy into meaningful missions while highlighting each person's strengths for a stimulating and healthy productivity.

As reporting shows that 35% of the skills possessed by today's workforce are likely to be irrelevant in coming years, now is the time to work on your soft skills, develop your future style and refresh your motivation.

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