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How to find your path?

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

We all want to feel that we are on the right path, that we are with the right person, in the right job. Finding our path is like finding a meaning to our life; yet that feeling of being exactly where we’re supposed to has become more and more difficult to find over the years.

As we opened up to the world, to different cultures, and deconstructed our linear patterns, we've found ourselves sailing in an ocean of opportunities where it gets difficult to know where to anchor.

We are afraid of not arriving at the right port, of failing, of not having enough time,...

We wonder which flag to wave so as not to disappoint, to be sure of embodying the right character. Shall I wave the flag of the "model employee who climbs the ladder" or the flag of the "environmentalist who fights for their ideas", or maybe the one of the "passionate but penniless artist"?

Which of these flags will bring me the most recognition? Which one will best reflect my success? Which of these flags will make me the best captain?

Choosing a flag becomes a choice of identity. You choose the role you are going to play and you try to play it the best you can because the competition is tough. Why not even change it according to the port to be sure to be welcomed as a local?

"Your identity is in your authenticity" Nadia Origo

By focusing too much on the flags to choose from, we end up forgetting about the ship. What if the key is to make sure that our ship is so strong and comfortable that it can anchor wherever it wants?

I hope I haven't lost you in my metaphor! What I'm trying to tell you here is that we grow up with a lot of flags, a lot of expectations that seem to point us in different directions to find our path. It's all those things that we think we "should do" to belong.

To find your path you have to start by finding yourself, knowing every part of yourself so you can sail with ease to all the ports that may be calling you.

The more you know your ship, the more you know in which waters it is most comfortable, in which ports it can anchor.

That's what we do in the 'Find my path' programme. We embark on a self-discovery journey so that you can get to know your ship inside out and become its captain. We then define the port of your dreams and design the route for you to get there.

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