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Aligning what we do with who we are; what does that mean?

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

First of all, let's start by defining the notion of alignment. To be aligned with ourselves is to act in harmony with our deepest aspirations and values.

Through our actions we make come to life a vision of the world in which we wish to participate.

« Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. » Mahatma Gandhi

This principle of alignment may seem simple at first glance because it invites us to act with integrity and yet in practice few of us take the time to analyse and be aware of each of our actions.

We are caught up into the whirlwind of life, by the overload of information we receive every day, by our obligations or responsibilities and our actions become automatisms.

We get up in the morning, we grab a cup of tea. Did you really want that cup of tea or did you drink it because that's what you do every day?

Do you keep your job because you are passionate about it or because it came at the right time and after all you have to work to make a living?

I call this living on autopilot. You stop questioning what you are doing, what it means to you and you continue to move forward with your head down.

Yet we receive constant signals that call us to order, such as intuitions, ailments, dreams, and most of the time we choose to silence them to continue our frantic races.

To live in alignment with ourselves, we can start by considering our body, mind and soul as a whole. Each of them sends us signs to remind us of ourselves and show us the way forward. The mind represents self-awareness, the body can be seen as the home of our spirit and finally the soul as the energy that animates it.

We can also visualise these three elements through our head, heart and guts. These are now described as our three brains. To put it simply, we can summarise by saying that our head houses our logic, the intellect, that our heart houses our emotions and finally that our guts house our intuition.

To live in alignment with ourselves, we become aware of ourselves, we accept our current state, we understand the signals sent to finally direct our energy towards what we desire.

When we are aligned with ourselves, we are happier, more motivated and more resilient.

Through coaching we work on vision, aspirations and values, actions, thanks to a deep questioning and we promote this balance by developing self-awareness.

Finally, some of the signs that remind us that we are not in alignment with ourselves may be:

- You feel that something is wrong or that you are missing something but you don't necessarily know what.

- You don't feel at ease with yourself

- Your current reality does not reflect what you aspire to.

- You are often tired, you get sick easily.

- You are not inspired

- You feel stuck in a situation or lack clarity

- No matter how hard you try, it doesn't work...

Aligning what you do with who you are means taking the time to question your current situation, creating a vision that fully inspires you and moving in that direction to unleash the authentic version of yourself.

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